To foster connection, creation, and thoughtful innovation so that people can experience fulfillment personally and as a community.


Makerspaces, also known as hackerspaces, are collaborative workshops for making, learning and sharing equipment, tools, resources and knowledge among the community. As an individual, this allows you the opportunity to make things without needing to buy everything yourself and take up space in your home or garage. As a business, you can explore whole new possibilities while designing and building prototypes yourself. More than just equipment and facilities our makerspace will be filled with other makers, creatives, dreamers and doers to share with, learn from and collaborate alongside.

The team at TechBridge Innovation Centre makerspace is working hard to ensure we can safely open this coming spring.


By paying for a daily, monthly or annual membership, you can access many of the spaces in the innovation centre after a general orientation. However, some spaces, or the equipment in them, will require you to have been trained and "certified" before you can use them.

Spaces, Tools and Equipment

Wood Shop

The wood shop contains a significant amount of equipment to meet many of your woodworking needs. This includes a table saw, thickness planer, jointer, mitre saws, band saws, router, sanders, and a lathe.

Metal Shop

Our first version metal shop contains a horizontal band saw, chop saw, grinders, box and pan break, shear, plasma cutter, small lathe and milling machine, and stick, MIG and TIG welders.

Digital Fabrication / Electronics Lab

Here is where we have our 3D printers, laser cutters and electronics equipment.


Our tools and machines will allow you to span generations of textile work, from traditional bead and leatherwork to computerized sewing, serging and embroidering machines.

Digital Image Capture Studio

Whether you are into 2D photography, 3D photogrammetry or 4D volumetric capture, we can show you it all!

Science Lab

While basic to begin, we have a laboratory for the science experiments and analytical testing you wouldn't want to do in your kitchen.

Computer Lab

Powerful computers for the most graphically intense rendering or for when you decide this is the year you learn that spreadsheet program. While the computing machines, and both AR and VR headsets are worth the time here, don't forget all the professional software licenses we have available for your personal use!

Also see the Studios page to learn about other spaces.

See the Learning page to find out about education opportunities.