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3D Modelling

The underlying requirement for all our other services, 3D modelling is never the final step. However, we have experts ready to turn any idea, sketch or photograph, into models that can be photo-realistic for your high quality products on your website, graphically optimized for augumented reality visualization on your phone at home or work, or just the barebones mesh needed for 3D printing. For the digitization of a physical object, photogrammetry can sometimes be a more cost-effective method as the modelling is an automatic process, but some manual work may be required, depending on the object and quality desired. Touch-ups start at $50 and complete models start at $100.

3D Printing

While often demoed as a novelty item, 3D printing is an extremely powerful tool for not only rapidly prototyping and testing designs, but also for creating final products! Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) 3D printing works by melting filaments of a bioplastic in layers down to only 50 microns or smaller, allowing for detailed shapes for all sorts of use cases. We carry a large number of different plastics, including carbon-fibre, steel, bamboo and glow in the dark infused PLA, as well as high-strength composite nylon, ASA (UV-resistant version of ABS) and PETG. Prices start in the $50 range, but depend on the filament type.


It has never been easier to take multiple photographs of an object and let intelligent algorithms from high-quality software on powerful computers do all the work of creating your 3D models! From jewelry and tools to even vehicles and backyards, we can either come to your location and take the required pictures or pick up to capture them in our studio or walk you through how to do it yourself! Complete models start at $50.

AR/VR Visualization

The supercomputer in your pocket that we occasionally make phone calls with, gives us the superpower of viewing digitized objects in our environment. Whether you are trying to put your product in a customer’s living room, or convince your spouse that your home made playground design won’t visually dominate the whole back yard, augmented reality allows people to verify ideas, aesthetics and sizes without altering anything in the real world. Depending on the type of model used and desired, your AR experience can be initiated all through the browser or with our downloadable TBIC app for offline viewing. Finalized 3D models can be converted into AR experiences starting at $50.